[On Land ] January 31, 2008 21:01

January 30-31, 2008

The day started off with a bit of a scare. I was hoping so badly that there would be no last minute complications to cause any fear of missing or delaying any leg of the trip. Unfortunately, there were road closures that caused us to re-think our whole schedule and come up with some alternative ways to get to the airport. Fortunately, the weather finally cooperated and we were on our way ahead of schedule. I forgot my laptop power supply at home and was glad that it was only thing I had forgotten.

[On Land ] January 16, 2008 22:37

I've recently found out that I get the opportunity of a lifetime. I get to travel to Europe via Holland, Scotland, England & Norway. The best part of all this is: I don't have to pay for it!

My recent job duties have allowed me to work with a software development company based in Norway. As a way to get better acquainted with their products, I and a couple of co-workers will be visiting their headquarters during my birthday in February.

I am getting really excited about this opportunity, especially since I've never left the country before and haven't had the chance to use my passport yet.

I will be posting pictures of my trip when I return.