Waking up the second day in Norway, we were treated to the bland, tasteless, English-style breakfast we had experienced in Scotland and England. I’m convinced that all the stories you hear about boring, flavorless food overseas is mostly true, at least it was true of the places we visited so far and Norway was no exception.

We quickly got back into the swing of working after arriving at the office on Wednesday morning. We got a lot of work done and were able to finish up just a bit early. Our gracious host in Norway had invited us to his home for dinner that evening and we were hoping to get a few minutes to see some of the sights around our hotel before we had to leave for dinner.

 There was a very short window of no rain after we arrived at our hotel and I wanted to get out and walk around downtown Bergen and get some photos. I took my time walking around the docks and some of the side streets around the town center and got few photos. The daylight was scarce during the whole time in Norway and there was not much light at all by the time I got around to taking the pictures I wanted to take.

View my pictures from Bergen

We left for our host’s house around 6:00 PM and the cab ride up the hill to his house was quite pleasant. The view of the city below was a remarkable sight from high on the mountain where we were dropped off by the taxi. This was apparently a very nice part of town.

Our host and his beautiful wife welcomed us into their home and showed us around. They were in the process of having some construction work done and things were still not quite finished in a few places around the house. We met their lovely and well-behaved children as well. Our host and his wife mostly speak English to each other. Our host speaks Spanish to his kids while his wife speaks Norwegian to the kids. It really is amazing that at any one time there were conversations going on in 3 different languages and the kids had no trouble keeping up. 

For dinner, they offered us a meal of rice with grilled pork, tomatoes and vegetables and they even accommodated my vegetarian diet by leaving the meat out of my dinner. The dinner they served was, without a doubt, the best food we had the whole trip and restored my faith in the idea that there really was some good food in Norway!

After many thanks and hugs from our host’s family we left for our hotel and another night to reflect on our trip so far.